Aerospace Applications

Aerospace Applications

BOA aerospace has risen to become the preferred supplier of accumulators and other products for today's aviation, space, and defense companies.

With the kind of customer satisfaction only envisioned by most companies, BOA aerospace brings a global organization built by a team of innovators in the industry with experience spanning decades. With facilities in Cookeville, TN, USA and Rothenburg, Switzerland, BOA aerospace is prepared to support customers around the world. BOA aerospace recognizes the importance of bringing new, fresh ideas and leveraging the latest organizational and analytical technologies to a product and market that for decades had supplied the industry with technologies and business practices modeled in the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's.

BOA edge welded bellows

Yesterday, our competition provided the commercial and space markets with accumulators, reservoirs, sensors, seals, and a host of other products for the Space Shuttle and for military and commercial aircraft developed decades ago. BOA aerospace supplies current space programs - like the Orion program, the International Space Station, and the Mars Rover projects. Today's military aircraft, including both the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning carry BOA aerospace's products, and include technologies never before seen in the aerospace industry.   Today's commercial aircraft manufacturers are selecting BOA aerospace for accumulators, reservoirs, and other components for hydraulic, braking and cooling systems around the world, including the new Airbus A380 and A350, with maintenance free, high pressure, and ultra-light weight accumulators incorporating technologies only available from BOA aerospace. And today's new unmanned aircraft are benefitting from the world's smallest metal bellows accumulators, reservoirs, and surge arresters - uniquely targeted at these emerging technologies.

BOA aerospace's expertise in aerospace and space products provides a concrete and systematic architecture for serving customers in other industries, including Military applications, energy markets like Electrical Transmission and Distribution, Downhole Oil and Gas, the Vacuum and Semiconductor markets, and Research, Scientific, and Medical markets as well. BOA aerospace's product breadth has a wide footprint in every marketplace and bellows-related product line.

BOA aerospace brings the strongest technology available to each of our customers, providing solutions to the most complex challenges in the most advanced products being built today.

BOA aerospace's success is also rooted in a refreshingly real and simple approach to customer service, providing products of uncompromising quality, remaining accessible, professional, pro-active, and resolute in word and action. 

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The BOA Group offers its customers standard and engineered flexible elements. To benefit from our advantages, contact our specialist:


Flexial is the BOA Group brand for Aerospace applications.

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