BOA Group Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases

BOA provides high-quality flexible connections that are used in the production process, filling process/equipment and the transportation of industrial gases.

To enable the production of industrial gases (O2, N2, Ar, H, CO2, etc.) through an air separation process, BOA expansion joints provide for stress-free and corrosion-resistant connections used in the plant piping systems. Metal hoses made of high-strength stainless steels guarantee safe filling and transportation of gases (in liquid or gaseous state), in either low or high pressure applications.

BOA gas hoses for road tankers
BOA hoses for gas bottles

Product Applications:

  • Gas and LPG hoses for filling equipment of tank trucks and gas tankers
  • High-pressure hoses for bottle filling and transferring
  • Bottle connecting hoses
  • Expansion joints for gas liquefaction and air separation installations

BOA products are flexible, highly resilient, reliable, robust, durable and maintenance-free. They can be engineered and manufactured to meet official gas specifications or custom-specifications.

BOA high pressure hoses
BOA expansion joints for gas liquifaction and air separation

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Products for Industrial Gas Applications

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