Vacuum, Semicon & Magnet Technology

Vacuum, Semicon & Magnet Technology

The BOA Group specializes in the application of metal hoses, bellows and complete assemblies for vacuum systems, semiconductor production processes and magnet technologies (magnet resonance applications).

Hose and bellows technology from BOA for Ultra Pure requirements.

The application of our products in vacuum systems, semiconductors or magnet technology places high demands on the cleanliness and general finish of the parts.

Many processes in industrial and OEM applications need a vacuum environment or work even completely in a vacuum.

BOA designs and manufactures standard and customer sized flexible components and systems for high-vacuum and cryogenic applications.

For the cleanliness specifications of the Vacuum and Semiconductor Industry, the BOA Group provides three cleanrooms (ISO class 5, 6 and 7 according to ISO 14644-1), using different kinds of cleaning operations, such as:

  • Ultra-sonic cleaning with an alkaline cleaning agent
  • Pre-flushing with distilled water
  • Flushing with distilled water
    The water´s conductivity is measured constantly and it determines the point in time for changing the water.
  • Drying in a nitrogen kiln

BOA offers several cleaning methods, specialised packing and of course comprehensive test facilities.

Product Applications

BOA Group Metal Hoses
  • Corrugated metal hoses used in vacuum applications
  • Metal bellows as sealing or ducting
  • Hoses in the area of lithographic processes
  • Metal bellows and corrugated hoses for Ultra-High Vacuum
  • Metal bellows for MRI scanners

Vacuum Connectors

Connection ISO-KF

Flexible connectors, provided for a complete standard range from DN 10 to DN 50, comply with the highest quality requirements of the Vacuum Industry from gross to ultra-high vacuum levels. Their special design ensures that only smallest loads are transferred to the end connectors, maintaining nevertheless stability when put under pressure. Fitted with ISO-KF flanges, these flexible connectors provide a fast and economic solution. Up to 150 mm, the flexible element consists of BOA instrument bellows, longer units use annularly (parallel) corrugated BOA metal hoses. Both executions are designed to compensate for axial, lateral and angular movement and to absorb vibration.

Vacuum Connection ISO-K

Connection ISO-K

ISO-K connections (DN 63 to DN 320) comply with the highest quality requirements of the Vacuum Industry from Low to Ultra-High Vacuum levels (according to DIN 28404). Especially the patented ISO-K light and easy clean connectors offer a significant advantage when applied in vacuum applications, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. The gap-free connection on the medium side would avoid the formation of crevice corrosion and fulfil the highest demands on durability and hygiene - freedom from contamination.

Vacuum Connection CF

Connection CF

Fitted with flanges CF as per ISO 3669 (Pneurop 6606), one side fix, other side rotatable, these flexible connectors provide a fast and economical solution.
The connectors in shorter lengths are equipped with BOA instrument bellows while longer lengths with parallel convolution are equipped with BOA hoses. Both executions are designed to accommodate axial, lateral and angular movement and to absorb vibrations.

Vacuum Valve

Vacuum bellows for Spindle sealing

The angle valves are bellows sealed and designed for high vacuum applications in pumping systems and semiconductor technology. BOA bellows represent one of the core and essential component and guarantee a high life cycle.

High Purity Valve

BOA Bellows designed for a high life cycle, made from stainless steel or Inconel material.

The high purity gas system control valves are generally used for critical high performance applications that require high flow rates and superior leak, moisture and particle capabilities. Cleanliness and purity are of the utmost importance.

Vacuum Pump

High cycle fatigue bellows for scroll pump technology.

The pump creates a vacuum using a simple dual scroll mechanism  - one nested scroll orbits around the other, creating moving zones of captured gas. Gas enters the scroll pump at the perimeter and is displaced and compressed toward the centre hub, where it is exhausted creating low ultimate pressure at high speed.


Magnet Technology

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Thin walled tubes and bellows as sealing element or compensation system for thermal expansion in helium cooled magnets. Practically the magnet windings must not have ohmic resistance, thereby placing them surrounded by liquid helium.

Some magnets are integrated in magnetic resonance imaging applications (MRI).

Hybrid Hose for Cooling in Vacuum Environment

Section of BOA Hyprid Hose
Section of Hyprid Hose

The hybrid hose for coolants consists of an outer metal hose and an inner PTFE hose. This design allows complete evacuating of the coolant before disconnecting the hose.

The metal hose avoids outgassing of PTFE under vacuum conditions.

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