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Wherever the tiniest of movements and almost imperceptible of dilatations occur, BOA's high precision metal bellows help to detect them and to intervene by means of sensors and other sensitive equipment.  

For different industries BOA manufactures Instruments and Sensors for the following applications:

  • Determination of mechanical twisting and stresses
  • Compensation of thermal expansions
  • Prevention of vibrations
  • Measurement of deflection, thickness, filling level, pressure, etc.
  • Equipment of robotics

Highest precision in bellows forming and sophisticated welding techniques make BOA bellows indispensable for high-precision control and measurement equipment. In vacuum applications, the highly flexible bellows react with volume change on pressure and temperature – thus steering control instruments in the micro range.


Sensors installed in metal bellows are sensitive to the slightest influences, thus activating the system.

BOA mini bellows

Applications for Sensors:

  • Provision of precise measurement results of vibrations, displacements, deformations
  • Alert in case critical limits are exceeded
  • Measurement of thermal expansion and material stresses
  • Measurement of position and shape of solid surfaces

Moreover, flexible elements, used as external protection, may isolate unwanted influences such as vibrations or temperature variations from the sensors.

Measurement & Control

Indication device for Measurement & Control

Some of the finest and most sophisticated measuring and controlling equipment are found in industry, science and technology.

They demand high-precision and top quality flexible elements.

BOA flexible elements are used for example in spindle seals, control valves, but also in systems for weight measurement and pressure measurement technology.

Bellows for Measurement & Control

Product Applications:

  • Viscosity gauges for oils
  • Probes for exhaust gas emissions
  • Load cells
  • Manometers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Volume equalizers
  • Displacement transmitter
  • Pressure sensors



Valves are mechanically and thermally stressed components. In addition, they are often exposed to corrosive influences. In this challenging environment, BOA bellows are reliably working as valve controls and shaft seals.
For the wide variety of applications and materials in the valve construction field, BOA designs and manufactures high-technology solutions realized with bellows, according to customer specifications which take into account the working temperatures, the media, the number of cycles and the pressure conditions of the application. BOA bellows are resistant to pressure and temperature, have a long life time and are maintenance free.

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