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Over decades BOA has become a global expert in design and manufacture of flexible metal hoses and expansion joints for Diesel & Gas Engine Exhaust Emission applications.

  • for stationary and mobile applications
  • for 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

Whether the exhaust system is installed in a heavy truck, in agricultural or other commercial special vehicles, in Diesel locomotives in gensets or in ocean liners, BOA develops and manufactures the right flexible solutions:

  • Durable
  • Engine vibration resisting
  • Leakage free
  • Economical


  • Design of specific customized solutions
  • State of the art CAD and FEM engineering tools
  • Expertise in vibration analysis
  • Multilayer bellows and metal hose technology for optimum vibration performance
  • Exhaust pipe system and interface expertise
  • Welding / assembling of systems or subsystems
Exhaust manifold in detail

Customer benefits:

  • Leakage free system with engineered interfaces
  • Full BOA quality responsibility for the entire system
  • Fewer suppliers, easier logistics
  • Up to 50% weight and 30% system cost reduction compared to standard flange solutions
  • Compact design

Other Product Applications include:

  • Expansion joints
  • V-clamps and V-clamp connections
  • Metal gaskets
  • Casted manifolds
  • Insulation
  • Special screws
  • Rubber expansion joints
  • Metal hoses
Metal Hoses of stationary engines
BOA V clamp connections

In close cooperation with the customer and with the help of the latest generation of design and calculation software, BOA engineers find the optimal system solution in the field of stationary and mobile applications. Know how and experience, BOA engineering and customer needs meet to realise a reliable and sophisticated body of work that we stand behind.

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The BOA Group offers its customers standard and engineered flexible elements. To benefit from our advantages, contact our specialist:

Case study:

Design of V-clamp flanges

BOA v-clamp

In the construction of medium- and large sized diesel engines, the use of V-clamps has become common practice. Less space, lower weight and reduced cost (with a noticeable reduction in installation time) are the most significant ...

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Products for Diesel & Gas Engines

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