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The BOA Group delivers stainless steel expansion joints and metal hoses to shipyards for new ships as well as ship maintenance\refurbishing and repair. 
Product applications:

  • Expansion joints for turbines and engine exhaust systems
  • Expansion joints and metal hoses for the transfer of oil, water, air or steam
  • Expansion joints and metal hoses for vapour recovery and fluid transfer applications
  • Flexible metal hoses used as “dock” hose to transfer cargo such as fertilizer and oil off the ship
  • Flexible hoses for refrigeration systems aboard ships and dockside equipment

Standard expansion joints are often used for vapor recovery and fluid transfer applications; but the BOA Group also offers individually developed products according to customer requirements.

Shipbuilding Application BOA Group
Welding special naval expansion joint

BOA expansion joints meet or exceed high quality requirements in the shipbuilding industry

Exhaust bellows are designed to operate in the “elastic range” of the metal so that they resist work hardening and cracking in the presence of long term vibration exposure. They are designed to accommodate the fundamental natural frequencies during engine start up and to avoid the natural frequency signature of engines in their normal operating range.

BOA exhaust joints have high damping rates that are a critical consideration for long system life.  Bellows are designed with semi-progressive profiles and/or multi-plies to manage vibration energy by distributing it uniformly across the bellows.

The result is a bellows with a very high mass and very low spring rate per unit length, exceptionally low moving stress in all forms of movement and the ability to meet seemingly impossible requirements for 20-plus year life-cycle requirements for some Navy vessels.

BOA marine units are not engineered for obsolescence, but for longevity! 
We break the expensive “Repair-Return” Cycle that many shipping companies think is a normal part of business for that industry.

Many of the BOA products also meet regulations such as ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), GL (Germanischer Lloyd), DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and other classification societies.

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