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Market leader in exhaust system decoupling

Over 100 years of experience and know-how is processed in our impressive portfolio, including highly flexible metal hoses, self-supporting decoupling joints, thermal compensators and high-frequency dampers.

At BOA, we engineer and build flexible high-end components and refined modules for the transportation of fluid and gas in the most advanced exhaust systems. Our customized connecting parts are designed to overcome any number of challenges to assure leak-tightness, corrosion resistance and vibration decoupling to optimize performance. Always working to the specific requirement of our clients to create more agile, ultra-light and cost-effective connections.

Our impressive portfolio includes highly flexible metal hoses, self-supporting decoupling joints, thermal compensators and high-frequency dampers (HFD). This is what is needed to solve the challenges of relative movement, thermal expansion, decoupling engine vibration and high-frequency vibration. We are the leading company in the world able to overcome all challenges in one go. Always looking to create future-proof solutions for the ultimate connection.

How do we do this? Combining our 100 years of experience and know-how with the skills of our talented engineers. Applying for the best in-house data and calculation software with outstanding stainless steel materials and welding techniques. Topping it off with first-rate testing and validation to any requirements necessary.

Our flexible metal hose EnduroFlex® compensates for large axial, angular and/or lateral motion decouples engine vibration and is designed for accurate welding into any exhaust system. The BOA decoupling joints, with no hangers, are leak-tight to decouple engine motions and suppress system resonances. Our thermal compensators are essential for dealing with thermal expansion stresses and misalignment. And our High Frequency Decoupler is a multi-layer bellow system vital for turbocharged exhausts to counteract high frequency vibrations and noise.

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Why BOA? All our components and modules remain fully functional throughout the life of the vehicle and are tested and validated in Real Motion Simulation and the most stringent of industry standards. We do all this meeting the strict emission requirements of every country we work in and our materials are fully recyclable. This is why we are well-known for pipelining future sustainable solutions. Reducing the carbon footprint is our top priority.

The future is BOA.

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