A case of resonance frequency versus endurance of displacement

The challenge of durability often lays in solving contractiction between a bellows that can master displacement verses a bellows does not resonate with applicable frequencies.

At BOA, we regularly get inquiries such as, “We have an extreme displacement and little space for compensation, can you design a reliable solution? ” Yes, we can. “Can you fulfil very high cycle counts on extrem durbality vehicles? Yes, absolutely, and we can develop parts for the exact application lifecycles or multiple of it.“ This is why we are experts at solving the challenge of relative displacement – any industry, any application, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The challenge of durability often lays in solving the contradiction between a bellow that can master displacement verses a bellow that does not resonate with applicable frequencies. A case of resonance frequency versus endurance of displacement.

The art is finding the balanced bellows design and to add other innovative tricks to the bellows module. This can be for many reasons such as inner-pressure, a certain temperature and pressure drop. This is why you come to us – our engineering experts are masters in this!

At BOA, we enjoy thinking along with you to discover the thermal elongation and calculate the maximum sustained pressure. Finding the ultimate answer to your challenge is what drives us. It’s the reason we do what we do. Fixing the most complex problems with real-life feasible solutions.

If you are unsure what you need, you have come to the right place. Because we do! We perform FEM analysis, prepare and execute a Validation Plan to measure all parameters in provision for the best possible solution. Feel assured that we have knowledge of high cycle fatigue and the ability to produce complex designs with multiple plies. Collecting crucial data and taking full design responsibility to conceptualize a solution capturing all 6DOF (degrees of freedom). This is how we anticipate what you need before you do and the reason why thousands of clients choose BOA.

The benefits? We have the experience and capabilities, outstanding test facilities and first-rate validation. We can proudly say that not one single design of ours has ever failed after sign-off. That’s why you choose us. BOA is at the forefront of durable engineering. Custom-making ultimate ever-lasting connections that work every time.

The future is BOA. Always finding the right sustainable solution.

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