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We are inventors of the ultimate connection

At BOA, we are at the forefront of Field Application Engineering for a number of industries throughout the world.

At BOA, we are at the forefront of Field Application Engineering for a number of industries throughout the world. Energy, transportation, semiconductors, infrastructures, chemical, health care, HVAC and food & beverage – you name it, we cover it! We are experts in transporting gas and fluid in a safe and sustainable way – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

With over 100 years of experience and expertise in the field, we have the industry knowledge, immaculate reputation and leading-edge technology to know what you need and supply it. This is why you come to us. We are market-leaders in progressive and durable engineering. The no 1 designer and manufacturer of customized components and systems for industries at this moment and in the future.

We offer a full service from initial on-site visits all the way through to validation. Not forgetting calculating, advising, designing, engineering, manufacturing customized components, building intricate systems, cleaning, risk assessing, monitoring, testing and quality controlling.

We like to go on-site and view the challenge in real-life to get a better perspective of the problem. Having collected vital data, we use our own in-house calculating program to determine the exact specs needed to make the right connection looking at geometry and reaction forces. This is how we give you the best solution for your exact needs.

Adhering to all global standards including Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), the American EJMA (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association) and the European Association Euroqualiflex, we ensure that our products are validated to the highest quality. If there is a specific certificate you need, we can comply. If you are searching for a dependable partner with great customer relations, years of expertise and know-how and an exemplary reputation, then look no further. We are a reliable partner who always finds the perfect solution for your challenge. We are the best in the business.

We are BOA. Inventors of the ultimate sustainable connection.

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If you want any information or if you need any help? Just visit our online expert center. Here you find information on all our products or you can contact one of our engineers about your challenge. We will be glad to support you.

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