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Our worldwide engineering facilities and manufacturing locations enable us to support our customers in finding the custom solution for engine, exhaust system and other vehicle applications.

Mini bellows for fuel injection and high-pressure pumps

Precision mini bellows

The precision mini bellows are some of the smallest products within our product portfolio. From as small as 3 mm in diameter and larger, we produce high-quality mini bellows on a fully automated line for gasoline and diesel applications.

Basic characteristics:

  • Sealing of high dynamic moved parts
  • High-pressure resistance
  • Low stiffness
  • High cycle durability

Corrosion-resistant BOA mini bellows are produced with seamless or welded tube and with or without additional welded end parts.

Capsules for high-pressure pumps

Capsule for high-pressure pump

Basic characteristics:

  • Compensates volume changes
  • Low stiffness
  • Linearity of stiffness
  • High cycle durability

A special characteristic of these capsules is the ultra-high vacuum tightness (10-8 mbarl/s).

BOA capsules for high-pressure pumps are produced according to customer requirements.

Fuel and air condition hoses

Fuel and Air Condition Hose

Basic characteristics:

  • Flexible
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Gas-tight
  • Fuel resistant
  • High pressure resistant

BOA fuel and air condition hoses can be produced with either single or multiply designs.

Bellows for Blow Off Valves

Bellows for blow off valves

Basic characteristics:

  • High stroke compensation
  • Low stiffness
  • Linearity of stiffness
  • High cycle durability
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