BOA Metal hoses

Metal hoses for every application

Metal hoses offer a wide range of solutions in different applications:

  • To take up misalignment or thermal expansion
  • To absorb vibrations or to facilitate repeating machine movements

The advantages when using BOA metal hoses are numerous, for instance:

  • No cracking of piping due to stress fatigue
  • No leakages at joints, gaskets or flanges due to undesirable tensions
  • Simplified mounting and decoupling during maintenance
  • Increased possibilities for prefab manufacturing

BOA corrugated hoses

Corrugated hoses are stainless steel flexible hoses, which are tight and pressure resistant. BOA offers two different types of hoses, forming the basis of most of our products. Annularly Corrugated Hoses and Helically Corrugated Hoses.


Annularly Corrugated Hoses

During the fabrication of the BOA annular or parallel convoluted hoses, a thin walled longitudinal welded pipe is produced, which is then hydraulically formed into the required shape.

BOA Group standard program of annularly corrugated hoses:



Helically Corrugated Hoses

The BOA Group offers a standard program of helically corrugated hoses:

  • BOA-DUO®

During fabrication of BOA-DUO® and BOA-SUPRA® hoses, a narrow strip of stainless steel is formed in a double S-shape and subsequently rolled over a rotating axle. On the top of the convolution, a material overlap is made, and this point, being seam welded, forms a tight yet very flexible construction.

Characteristics of edge welded bellows & formed bellows

Strip Wound Metal Hoses

During the manufacturing of the BOA stripwound hoses, a stainless steel strip is profiled and rolled over a rotating centre. After forming the cylindrical cross-sections, the seams are crimped. BOA stripwound hoses are robust and flexible, and their construction allows various movements (also in an axial direction).

Stripwound hoses are always of limited tightness and are not recommended for conveying liquids and gases. These hoses are typically used for:

  • mechanical protection
  • bend radius limiters for BOA pressure hoses
  • protection of cable and wiring systems (also for EMC shielding)
  • exhaust gas extraction
  • ventilation and aspiration hoses
  • smooth inliners in corrugated pressure hoses

Hose Assemblies

A hose assembly consists of a metal hose, with or without braid, with fittings, designed, manufactured and tested, either from our standard program or made to your specific requirements and ready for use. BOA can design and manufacture almost any kind of hose assembly, either with standard connection parts or with customer-specific fittings.


Vibration Absorber

Three problems have to be considered if vibrations or sounds in a piping system shall be isolated and eliminated:

  • the source of vibration
  • the transfer onto the solid body
  • the propagation into the piping system

The vibration source (engines, compressors, pumps etc.) shall be solidly installed and smoothly run. To connect rigid piping to a vibrating engine part, elastic metal vibration absorbers are suitable, made of flexible metal bellows and sturdy fittings. The right choice depends on the operating conditions such as pressure, vibration frequency and temperature.


Hoses for Water Applications

Flexible assemblies made of corrugated stainless steel hoses are proven as to be reliable and easy to fit connections in the sanitary and heating sector. Depending on the execution they connect washing machines and dishwashers to the water supply system. Fittings are provided according to current standards and norms. They meet the requirements of the waterworks and are approved by the respective authorities.

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