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BOA Metal Solutions GmbH

Lorenzstraße 2-6
Stutensee 76297
Phone: +49 72 44 99 0
Fax: +49 72 44 99 227
Email: info@boa-ms.com

The headquarters of the worldwide operating BOA Group is located in Stutensee near Karlsruhe/Germany. Expansion joints, metal bellows and metal hoses for the automotive industry and several industrial applications are developed and produced here. Production of the first corrugated products started here more than a century ago.


Zona Industriala Nord-Vest
Str. IV, Nr. 13,
jud. ARAD 310491
Phone: +40 357 403 100
Fax: +40 357 403 129
Email: contact@ro.boagroup.com

BOA RBT SRL is located in Arad. The company started its operations in July 2014 producing metal hoses and exhaust gas recirculation pipes for the automotive industry as well as V-clamps for industrial applications.

BOA (Shanghai) Bellows Technology Co., Ltd.

1-4 Building, 451 Yuan Zhong Road
Nanhui Industrial Zone,
Shanghai P.R.C. 201399
Phone: +86 21 3823 9300
Email: office@boa-china.com

SBT started its operations in 2008 and serves as regional center of excellence in China for production of flex metal hoses, specialized at high precision bellows for various industrial applications and assembly of hoses for gas turbines.

Website SBT

American BOA Inc.

1420 Redi Road
Cumming GA 30040
United States (US)
Phone: +1 800 856 4580
Email: sales@boa-us.com

Operations started in 1989 and is focusing on the North American market. ABI is the group`s largest production site for heavy vehicle components, specialized in flexible hose assembly, decouplers, hoses and expansion joints and has a growing business in aerospace applications and precision metal bellows.

Website ABI

American BOA Mexico

VYNMSA Guanajuato Industrial Park
Carr. Irapuato-Silao Km 131.5, Irapuato, Gto.,

BOA Mexico is located in Guanajuato. BOA newest plant is focusing on automotive products and started its production in 2020.