Weight Challenges

Designing, engineering and manufacturing ultra-light weight-saving connecting parts

Reduce the weight of components, systems and modules to save on costs whilst maintaining quality and performance

“We need to reduce costs and carbon footprint, can you help design a lighter system?”, “can you reduce the weight of the component?” No matter what industry or application whether it’s automotive or diesel and gas engines, our clients have the same challenges. Always trying to reduce the weight of components, systems and modules to save on costs whilst maintaining quality and performance.

This is where we can assist. We are masters at designing, engineering and manufacturing ultra-light weight-saving tubular modules. Reducing weight by adapting thickness and length. Decoupling the same displacement on the same length to save weight. For example, in the automotive world, we have designed our next-generation smart tubes with the same outstanding performance at half the weight. In industrial applications like steam and gas turbines, we have a light-weight flange and V-clamp connections as the perfect solution.

This is how we overcome the challenge of weight reduction for numerous clients around the world.

Years of experience tells us that this challenge often comes in combination with other challenges such as relative movement, pressure resistance, NVH, leak-tightness or misalignment. And this is why you come to BOA. We are able to solve all your challenges in one go. Ensuring the safest, most efficient and cost-effective transportation of fluid and gas in the industry.

This is how we are leading the way in advanced sustainable engineering. Always creating the ultimate connections for our clients all over the world.

The future is BOA. Always finding the right solution.

How can we help you?

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